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Fuse ODG Blends Reggaeton Flavour With Ghanaian Energy In The New Track ‘Island’

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After  becoming  the  first  Ghanaian to  win  a  Grammy earlier  this  year  for  his contributions  to  Ed  Sheeran’s  album,   Fuse  ODG is  back  with  a  bold  new  sound  on his  new  track   ‘Island’.

Inspired  by  hearing  Latin sounds  through  his  recent  travels,  ‘Island’  serves  up  a  cocktail  of  Fuse’s irrepressible  Ghanaian  energy  with  a  reggaeton

flavour rich  with  energising  rhythms  and  strident  horns.  It’s  a  track  which  represents  a  natural  evolution  from  his  previous  music  as  well  as  an  exciting  taster  of  what’s  to  come  from  his  forthcoming  second album.

The track was produced by Dutch/Surinamese duo Yr$ Trly with RGen a 

Londoner with Sri Lankan heritage who previously contributed to the early  Fuse track ‘Antenna’. Having travelled extensively with Fuse, the team all gathered  in  Ghana to  record  all  of  the  track’s  live  elements  with  local  musicians.

Lyrically,  laughs  Fuse,  it’s  about  “going  back  to  where  you  probably  shouldn’t  be  going  back  to!”

“It’s about  a  relationship  that  feels  so  good,  so  you  keep  going  back,” he  continues.  “You know  a  relationship  is  toxic,  but  you  keep  going  back  because  you  have  good  memories  of  it.  But  once  you’re  there,  you  realise  why  you  shouldn’t  have  returned.”



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