Asokwa Deportivo attacked by armed robbers

Division one side, Asokwa Deportivo experienced a horrible attack from six armed robbers at Jacobu on their way to Prestea to take on Achiken FC in the division one of the ongoing Normalisation Committee Special Cup.

According to reports speculating in the local media, this sad incident happened this morning and the robbers went away with two set of jerseys, boots, phones, registration cards and many more.

Also, they took away Gh¢4,700 from the club’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Aminu Abdallah and the other management members. With fear and panic, they had no option than to allow the robbers to move away with the items.

Asokwa Deportivo have finally reported the case to the Anhwiaa Police Station. It is likely their game will be rescheduled to another date.

By:Iddriss Abdul Rahim/


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