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Sneaks Clothing Hosts Red Carpet for the 2017 Woezor Party

Sneaks Clothing, on the night of September 16, organized a special Red Carpet event proceeded by the annual Woezor Party.

According to Byll Sneaks, the Founder and CEO of Sneaks Clothing, the show was purported to set the pace for the real event to welcome freshers into Ho NTC the fun way – dubbed Woezor Party.

Woezor Party, previously Freshers’ Night is an annual entertainment show organized by the SRC andEnterCom of Ho NTC to welcome new students into the college and also give them the opportunity to exhibit their talents apart from passion for saving human lives through Nursing.

The show was action packed with several exhilarating moments from the get go to the end, having popular music stars including Lega taken their turns to thrill the whole audience with spectacular performances.

In a tête-à-tête with Kayrian, the EnterCom president, he remarked that the partnership with Sneaks Clothing continues to yield positive results. He concluded by expressing appreciation to Byll Sneaks and that their partnership will continue for a very long time.

Below are a few shots from the party…

Watch this
Keeny Ice shoots music video with Sneaks clothing

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