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Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

Everyone has that one friend on social media that posts about how much they love their boyfriend/ girlfriend seemingly every day. There are a few different reactions to this: you get the other couple who does the same thing as you and comments on your pictures, the parent/family member who is fully supportive, then the remaining 99% of people who consider unfollowing you.

You do not need social media to have a healthy happy relationship, in fact, social media seems to do more wrong than right now and days. Posting pictures, video, or insiders you share, on social media does not mean you are happier than the couple that posts nothing; some would say you are actually less happy. The toxicity of social media has plagued so many couples over the years.

Here are 7 reasons to keep your relationship off social media.

1. No One Cares

This is not to be mean, or because people are jealous, it is because no one cares how much you love your boyfriend/ girlfriend. It is unfortunate but most people are selfish and seeing how much you love your partner is not something people want to see when scrolling through their news feeds. You may have the occasional supportive comment, or likes, to show people do care, but the truth is they are being nice and no one gives two shits that you are happy. Even your best friends, parents, or close friends don’t care that much about your relationship for you to post everything you do together. Sorry if you think they care, they do not.

2. You Look Desperate For Attention

Some people view this as a cry for attention. Needing people to know you are in a relationship, what you do together, and what you do for each other makes you look desperate. It’s almost as if you need to justify or need validation that you are with the right person. Maybe your boyfriend is the only thing interesting going on in your life but don’t throw your relationship in people’s face just so people care about you. Nothing worse than the couple who does something cute for each other and explodes posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram looking for people to acknowledge how great they are as a couple. Excuse me while I vomit.

3. People Are Going To Get Annoyed

No one wants to be the annoying person on social media. But if you post about your relationship all the time, chances are its you. You don’t want to throw your relationship in the face of the majority of single friends you have on social media and end up losing followers as a result. Once you become that annoying couple you lose followers, likes, retweets, everything, just because you have to promote your relationship on social media. Save yourself the likes and refrain from posting.

4. You Don’t Need To Post To Show Someone You Love Them

You don’t love someone more than somebody else just because you post about them. Enjoy the time you have together and show it with actions, not a cheesy Instagram post about how much you love that person. Chances are, people know you love each other considering your in a relationship together. Show your partner you love them by actually doing it in real life and your relationship will be better than the other couple posting about it on social media. If you love each other enough you won’t care about posts, you’ll show it in real life instead and that is what is more important.

5. No One Wants To Be “That Couple”

And by “that couple” I mean the couple I have been talking about this whole time. Even your closest friends will eventually become annoyed with you if you only post about your relationship. If matters get really bad it could lead to your friends being reluctant to invite you places, and you do not want that. Even people you are not friends with,  but your friends on social media because why not, will know you as “that couple,” that’s when you have hit your lowest point. Have conscious posts about important memories shared with your partner and you will avoid being “that couple” in your group of friends.

6. You Might Not Be As Happy As You Think

Some people, including myself, believe if you are one of those couples who posts about everything on social media you are not truly happy. All because you post about how lucky you are does not mean that shadows how you feel. Couples may post things to reassure to themselves that they are happy, but looking beyond the surface, they realize they are in a bad relationship. This is not true for every couple that does this, but it does not make you look like the perfect couple that people want to mimic with the #RelationshipGoals hashtag corrupting love for the youth.

7. Social Media Is Toxic To Relationships

How many stories do you hear about couples fighting over something on social media? Probably too many. Whether it is a Snapchat from an ex, or liking another girl’s bikini picture on Instagram. The sad truth, in this world brainwashed with social media reliant behavior, is social media is every couple’s worst nightmare. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with social media. With technology being so advanced, you can’t do anything without having it resurface on the internet. You don’t want a picture you liked when you and your partner were fighting to come back and bite you in the ass later down the road; so best to avoid it to begin with. Social media breaks up more couples than ever before, so don’t use social media to promote your relationship because chances are you are ruining it unintentionally.

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