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Fame and arrogance- why they move hand in hand if care is not taken

Success does not make a person famous automatically, since honour and fame comes from outside and has no prescribed way to generalize. But once success and fame come together, humbleness, truth and honesty should put their seal of authority on it.

If anything in excess happens to anybody in any activity, there will be imbalance in life, either in mind or body. It also happens in the case of success and fame.

It is a common knowledge that when there is flame, the intensity of flame is high, when the fire is fed with more material to burn. As the flame goes on increasing with the increasing feed, it becomes a nuisance to control or extinguish. The only remedy is to keep control on feed and be justified in maintaining right level of flame.

Similarly if a person gets success and fame, his desire to acquire more and more fame, reaches a dangerous level to make him filled with arrogance, contempt on others, looses self control and becomes like a wild fire, only to burn himself out. The only remedy is to stop feeding more and at the same time start understanding where he has gone wrong and learn how to become more humble and truthful to himself.

If success and fame comes as a natural sequel of good work and deserving praise, the person can keep his head up and he can still maintain his dignity and feel deserved of the honour he receives.

But the situation is different if he maintains false dignity and honour, through false appreciation and flattery by some people who cannot judge others correctly. This is the situation when an undeserving person becomes famous by flattery and the natural consequence is to make him head long, arrogant and incorrigible.

It is not fair to judge others without intimate contact or close encounter and it will be good enough to know from the results of their actions and judge, though it cannot be a measuring scale.

There can be any number of successful people with deserving fame and is just impossible to take statistics, as many of them do not come out openly to be recognized or honored.

In the case study of social media influencer, Efia Odo and “social media artist” Netty who exchanged foulness on Facebook and twitter over a painting, there was a clear evidence of fame and arrogance on both sides.

Learning is essential for every famous person.

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