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Relevance of an art: what to do

What keeps an artist relevant in an industry they find themselves in” is a topic that can never fade away as long as humanity exist.

Should it be determined by hit song/Brand identity or visibility? Here are some key factors that helps any art to stay relevant.

Be uniquely crafty of your art: Perfecting Craft is the ultimate and the first necessity any art must consider and uphold with his or her utmost passion. Perfecting craft basically is everything about art; whether music, movie, sports, comedy, painting etc. These includes everything from song lyrics of music, delivery of music, art style of dressing, what the art project to the world, the news that surrounds the art which elevate him or her for the people’s attention and many more.

a solid fan base: You must not build your brand around hits butthe personality, there must be a cultural connection between the art or the product and the audience. Building a solid fan base is also very important. You build your product, your fanbase and show respect to your fans.

-Invest in the art: This may come in form of Pay Promotions of the art in diverse ways. Some arts do not understand how paid promotion is so important to sell their craft and records. It may be h9from the on set but finding an investor is the best way of investing in your craft. Paid promotion actually helps to boast income for arts since digitalization has become the hallway now.

Most arts are accustomed to free stuff and expect promoters to push and promote their arts for free on whatever platform the promoters have.

-Being consistency: You should be focused on creating positively with your craft than anything else as a art. The aim should be working hard to push through the thorns. Time waits for no man so concentration is essential.

-Do not inherit unhealthy controversy or beef: As an art whether you like it or not there will be the creation of controversiesaround your ; good and bad ones. You must make it a point to use one for your benefit. Most organized arts always make sure controversies ends in their favour and promote their craft as art.


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