Tuesday , July 27 2021
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Why celebrities are called ‘Stars’

Stars: fusions of person and persona, of the fleshy human and the flinty image on the stage and screen. Taking cues by Africans from the Western world dates way back to ancient days and it’s not a new to millennials. The broad use of the word “star” to indicate a …

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10 Relationship Red Flags

Most of us will have at least one, if not a few, significant relationships during our lifetime. Our first intimate encounters may be more difficult or challenging because we’re new to the experience of forming an intimate bond with another person, and may not really know what we’re doing and …

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7 Ways to Peacefully End a Toxic Relationship

Ending a toxic relationship is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but is there a way to peacefully end it that won’t leave you feeling emotionally drained and negative?If you and your partner are in a battle to the end, it isn’t likely to be a …

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Any fingerprint unlocks Galaxy S10, Samsung warns

A flaw that means any fingerprint can unlock a Galaxy S10 phone has been acknowledged by Samsung. It promised a software patch that would fix the problem. The issue was spotted by a British woman whose husband was able to unlock her phone with his thumbprint when it was stored …

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